Amy McQuillan

My name is Amy McQuillan and I am a RMT- Registered Massage Therapist, currently finishing my studies in Acupuncture, Acupressure, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I can not say enough about how amazing this program has been. For so many reasons but what I learned most from it was human connection. From the training at CCATCM in the acupressure aspect of the program, it occurred to me that there is so much more to discover when making the connection between you and your patient when you are starting a relationship with them. I have learned to connect, via acupressure (regardless of my massage background), with a person’s body, mind, spirit and energy but most importantly, their emotions through physical contact with their tissue. It is extremely beneficial for the rapport, the trust, the result and as a practitioner, it gives you the skills to know exactly what that person needs. Just through touch. The reasoning behind this is because when you learn the theory and foundations of acupuncture and TCM, it teaches that there are three circulatory systems in the body. There is your blood circulatory system, your lymphatic circulatory system and your energy (Qi) circulatory system. The Qi circulatory system connects from head to toe, via meridians which run along the same pathways as the other two circulatory systems creating a connection to the internal organs directly. When you apply your hands, or tools such as needles to specific points along these channels it will have a direct impact on the area and the meridian which that point belongs as well as a specific organ.

Using the acupressure as an amazing tool and guide to connecting to the person’s energy and tissue, gives that person a sense of calm. A sense that they are safe and well taken care of. This is where the magic happens. If you have any discomfort, hesitance or are not confident with your therapist, it will not make an impact on the treatment. If you were to go for a massage and the therapist made you uncomfortable, would your muscles relax? No. The treatment would be barely effective. Thus, by making a physical contacted connection with that person, having them take deep, long, calming breaths, it will allow the mind to relax and once the mind has relaxed, the body will be ready for the next step into the treatment. That next step is to feel the tissue and understand it without judgement. If it feels tight, you may need to stay longer on that area with your pressure. If it feels weak, you may need to use stimulating techniques in order to awaken the tissue. By understanding what the tissue is saying to you, you can then insert the needles in the appropriate acupuncture points. I feel so much more, in so many ways when my therapist or Doctor takes the time to make me comfortable before inserting needles into my body. It is, and should be a tremendous, enjoyable and relaxing experience.