Logan Maguire

I have been a student at the school for over three years now and have seen some wonderful benefits and changes in people’s lives. Whether that be student or client. I am so thankful for all the hard work Lucy, my supervisor, has put into each of her students personally. She has given me more
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Charline Pellerin

I’m presently finishing my three-year diploma here at CCATCM I have enjoyed learning about traditional Chinese Medicine it has been a very interesting educational journey, which now I will be able to help my future clients. I would recommend this college to anyone that is looking to take natural medicine like acupuncture and TCM.

Stephanie Chaulk

I have been a registered massage therapist for seven years and have recently returned to school with CCATCM and I have nothing but amazing things to say about my time there. The teachers are so genuine and passionate about traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture it shines through in every lecture and in their teachings. They
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Taylor Hirtle

Supportive learning environment accompanied by a great team of professionals. Enjoyed learning a variety of different elements of TCM while also being able to practice hands-on and applying that knowledge into the student clinic. Appreciated the option of the fast-paced two-year program in order to complete the program at a faster rate, landing a job
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Melanie Godin

I’m currently finishing my Diploma in Acupuncture at CCATCM and have also received Acupuncture, Acupressure and fire cupping treatments by various students from the student clinic. Those that I have received treatments from have always been professional and knowledgeable. Staff and teachers have been supportive throughout my time at CCATCM and would recommend the program
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Jacqueline Raaymakers

I am originally from Saskatchewan. Graduating from high school I felt overwhelmed I always wanted to pursue my art. However, I also always knew I was meant to help others. At CCATCM, I have found the direction I longed for. Working with student clinic clients has shown me that I am in fact pursuing my
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Andrea McKee

I needed to better understand how body, mind and spirit are connected and how they influence each other. I believe that the knowledge I am learning from this program will better allow me to know my own body and prevent the cancer I have fought, from returning. I have experienced how powerful the mind is
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Ashley Roberts

I always knew there was a connection between mind, body, spirit and events, but never found this important connection in Western medicine. I was very close to having my psychology degree but because of psychology’s broken sense of holism, I searched elsewhere, including nursing to find a career with these connections, with no result. I
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Ravee Ming Chen

I started receiving acupuncture at a young age from my mother and father who are both doctors of TCM. First hand I know acupuncture works. I am studying to become a medical doctor but I feel I need to learn both Eastern and Western medicine and how to fully integrate them so I can help
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Angela-Rae Sollows

Shortly after meeting with Dr. Li & Dr. Chen, I brought my mom to the clinic for acupuncture for chronic pain and fatigue. With only a couple of treatments my mom was finally sleeping better and had to fulfill a lifelong dream of travelling to New Orleans. I believe that through an unquenchable thirst for
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