Logan Maguire

I have been a student at the school for over three years now and have seen some wonderful benefits and changes in people’s lives. Whether that be student or client. I am so thankful for all the hard work Lucy, my supervisor, has put into each of her students personally. She has given me more confidence and has allowed me to move forward with this career which will hopefully improve my life and the lives of many others.

Charline Pellerin

I’m presently finishing my three-year diploma here at CCATCM I have enjoyed learning about traditional Chinese Medicine it has been a very interesting educational journey, which now I will be able to help my future clients. I would recommend this college to anyone that is looking to take natural medicine like acupuncture and TCM.

Stephanie Chaulk

I have been a registered massage therapist for seven years and have recently returned to school with CCATCM and I have nothing but amazing things to say about my time there.

The teachers are so genuine and passionate about traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture it shines through in every lecture and in their teachings. They help make the material we are learning easy to understand and are available if we need any questions answered and are always happy to help.

I’ve been to the clinic many times and the treatments I’ve received there are some of the best treatments I’ve ever had. The knowledgable students and helpful teachers all work together to help form the best treatment plan for each individual patient. I have had amazing results there with cupping, gua sha, and acupuncture.

I’m so excited to be a part of this community and to continue my education in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture with CCATCM.

Taylor Hirtle

Supportive learning environment accompanied by a great team of professionals. Enjoyed learning a variety of different elements of TCM while also being able to practice hands-on and applying that knowledge into the student clinic. Appreciated the option of the fast-paced two-year program in order to complete the program at a faster rate, landing a job within two years. I would recommend anyone who is interested in Acupuncture/TCM to come to check out the college whether that be at an open house or at the student clinic because it truly is a great place to get a kickstart into a fulfilling career of health and wellness. The opportunities are endless and it is important to note that our health system is in deep need of healers.

Melanie Godin

I’m currently finishing my Diploma in Acupuncture at CCATCM and have also received Acupuncture, Acupressure and fire cupping treatments by various students from the student clinic. Those that I have received treatments from have always been professional and knowledgeable.

Staff and teachers have been supportive throughout my time at CCATCM and would recommend the program for anyone wanting to expand their practice or learn a different way to assist others to heal. I can guarantee you that going through this program will allow you to view the body in a different way, including how you view yourself.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture diploma is a challenging program to complete, especially the 2-year diploma, however, well worth the investment for the end result of acquiring a rewarding career.

Jacqueline Raaymakers

I am originally from Saskatchewan. Graduating from high school I felt overwhelmed I always wanted to pursue my art. However, I also always knew I was meant to help others. At CCATCM, I have found the direction I longed for. Working with student clinic clients has shown me that I am in fact pursuing my art – the healing arts. I feel fortunate to have discovered the profound and incredible knowledge Traditional Chinese Medicine has to offer. I have beautiful like-minded inspiring classmates and friends, and some amazing and inspiring teachers who go above and beyond. I feel encouraged to be as ambitious and knowledgeable as they are. I genuinely look forward to devoting my life to learning and sharing this art with the world.

Andrea McKee

I needed to better understand how body, mind and spirit are connected and how they influence each other. I believe that the knowledge I am learning from this program will better allow me to know my own body and prevent the cancer I have fought, from returning. I have experienced how powerful the mind is and how strongly it influences all organs, cells and vessels in our body, both positively and negatively, but didn’t really understand why. I felt that if I understood the “why” the body reacts the way it does and to what, then I could prevent the cancer in myself, and in anyone who walks into my future practice. I have learned so much in just five months at CCACM. I fully believe that I can prevent cancer from ever returning through lifestyle changes, mindful behavior and by practicing what I am learning. I am excited to continue this journey.

Ashley Roberts

I always knew there was a connection between mind, body, spirit and events, but never found this important connection in Western medicine. I was very close to having my psychology degree but because of psychology’s broken sense of holism, I searched elsewhere, including nursing to find a career with these connections, with no result. I always had an interest in alternative medicine so while browsing the Internet for alternatives, CCATCM came up. I was glad to find a college in Nova Scotia so I copied down the information but did not get into it right away. That weekend in the newspaper, there was an ad for the college open house. I felt it was meant to be. At that point in my life, I needed the healing environment as much as an education. I never looked back. Acupuncture has changed my life. I hope to further my education, share my knowledge and help those people who need it.

Angela-Rae Sollows

Shortly after meeting with Dr. Li & Dr. Chen, I brought my mom to the clinic for acupuncture for chronic pain and fatigue. With only a couple of treatments my mom was finally sleeping better and had to fulfill a lifelong dream of travelling to New Orleans. I believe that through an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a desire for improved health, I was lead to CCATCM. These so-called coincidences only confirm for me that I am on the right path. I will be forever grateful for the knowledge and experiences gained and shared here. I look forward to passing it on.

Chanda Muise

The other day, I found a journal entry that I had written when I was fifteen. I was discussing the difficulties I was having in coming up with a life plan and choosing a career. At the end of this journal entry, I had written down three choices, acupuncturist, vetenarian or psychologist. During this time period, my mother had been experiencing a lot of medical intervention, using both Western and holistic approaches. I got to witness the effect of both types. It was easy to admit to myself that holistic medicine rang much more true to my heart. Studying at CCATCM was an easy choice for me as I have many roots in Halifax and it was best for me at this time to stay in my community. I was just lucky enough to be working in a clinic where someone had brought in some brochures for the college. Something clicked in me when I saw this brochure, and I started researching the college. I am truly proud to be a part of this school’s founding class. I am developing the skills I always knew I wanted to achieve.