Lucy Griffiths

B.Sc Hons in TCM,Dean of Acupuncture

Dean of Acupuncture

Lucy Griffiths completed her B.Sc honours in TCM in 2002 and has been in full time practice
since then, working in both her private clinic and within the UK National Healthcare System.
A passionate advocate for professional excellence, Lucy worked with The British Acupuncture
Council as a Regional Representative, supporting and promoting continuing education
amongst practitioners. In 2016 Lucy completed her training in Professional Peer Mentorship &
Clinical Supervision, leading her to educate practitioners wanting to pass further Board exams.
After moving to Nova Scotia in 2018, Lucy now commits her full time to her role as Instructor,
Clinical Supervisor and Dean of Acupuncture. In 2020 she was awarded a place on MSVU Riva
Spatz Women’s Wall of Honour for dedication to her profession.