Jack Godfrey

I first became aware of mindful based practices when the Beatles went to India in the mid 1960s. It was much later in the eighties that I started working on developing a yoga practice.  I finally connected with an Ashtanga Yoga teacher in the mid 1990s.  From there I got my teacher certification and started teaching yoga. I opened Sunrise Yoga studio in 2004, where we had lots of people attending our classes from the very beginning. 

There was a group of us, my teacher included, where we took a two week trip to Goa India to the Purple Valley Yoga Centre.  We studied there with a world-renowned teacher. My business consultant suggested that I might want to add some Qigong classes as it would broaden our offerings and attract more people.

He said that the Qigong classes:

  • Would be good for the people that are unable to get up and down off of the floor.
  • Would help people to heal from injuries.

It just so happens that his company in addition to helping yoga studios, also teaches and certifies Qigong instructors. Imagine that. I started taking Qigong classes with Zen Wellness in Phoenix Arizona.  They offered online classes and in person immersions several times a year. In 2017 I completed my 200-hour teacher’s certification.  And in 2020 I received my 500-hour certificate.

After the onset of COVID in the Spring of 2020, I closed the yoga studio and moved my Qigong and Tai Chi classes online. I am now offering a variety of Qigong and Tai Chi classes online and in person.