Zoe MacDonald

I grew up in the Annapolis Valley, NS but spent my early twenties planting trees and traveling around Canada. I chose to study acupuncture because I like the idea of practicing honest, simple and effective medicine. I also feel that acupuncture is something I will study for the rest of my life, as it is so fascinating and in-depth. I think that our culture is on the brink of a rapid expansion into energy based medicine and I want to be a part of that expansion. I chose to attend CCATCM for several reasons, one being that it was within easy commuting distance from where I live. The morning schedules appealed to me as the mother of a young child. I have my afternoons free to spend with my son and to study. As well in CCATCM, there is a clinic onsite and one downtown where we do clinical observations and learn from patients as well as from our teachers. I feel that no matter in what capacity I practice acupuncture, be it in my own clinic or in an interdisciplinary clinic with other practioners, I will be staying for the rest of my life.