Chanda Muise

The other day, I found a journal entry that I had written when I was fifteen. I was discussing the difficulties I was having in coming up with a life plan and choosing a career. At the end of this journal entry, I had written down three choices, acupuncturist, vetenarian or psychologist. During this time period, my mother had been experiencing a lot of medical intervention, using both Western and holistic approaches. I got to witness the effect of both types. It was easy to admit to myself that holistic medicine rang much more true to my heart. Studying at CCATCM was an easy choice for me as I have many roots in Halifax and it was best for me at this time to stay in my community. I was just lucky enough to be working in a clinic where someone had brought in some brochures for the college. Something clicked in me when I saw this brochure, and I started researching the college. I am truly proud to be a part of this school’s founding class. I am developing the skills I always knew I wanted to achieve.