Dr. Ziad Ahmed


Dr. Ahmed is a certified Acupuncturist, verified by Medical Council of Canada. He is also certified as a Member of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom (MRCP(UK)) in Internal Medicine, and has been practicing Internal Medicine in different settings since 1993.
For over 10 years, Dr. Ahmed practiced in Kuwait and the Middle East in several aspects of General Internal Medicine and Primary Healthcare. He has experience initiating and managing Hypertensive, Dyslipidemic, Diabetic and Fundoscopic clinics, as well as experience in Emergency Medicine, with skills including endotracheal intubation, central line insertion, and transvenous temporary pacemaker insertion, among others. Additionally, Dr. Ahmed was also responsible for providing post-operative care to patients undergoing thoracic and cardiovascular surgery within an Intensive Care Unit. Upon moving to Canada, Dr. Ahmed aimed to build up a new career in a new setting, and received training in Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.
Dr. Ahmed’s philosophy in medicine is strongly based on the medical skills he has acquired from years of working in the medical field, and his constant contact with state-of-art trends in the field of medicine. He has deep insight into the needs of his patients, and is passionate about helping people feel better through the application of more natural methods. Dr. Ahmed has excellent analytical skills, has the ability to work with diverse populations, and maintains a positive and professional approach within his practice. He is determined to succeed as a committed physician to his patients.