Hi! My name is Charles and I'm a First year Student of 2014

Hi everyone, my name is Jung Kwan Lee but most of my friends and family call me Charles. So, please call me Charles. I'm from South Korea. From now, I am in charge of our school blog. So, I would like to introduce about myself first. I am the father of the cutest daughter in the world and the husband of the most lovely woman on the earth. :) My wife and I met at St. Mary's University in Halifax in 2006 when I came to Canada to study English and we have been together since then. We lived Korea about three years and we moved back to New Brunswick in 2010. After we married and moved to New Brunswick, I worked for my father in law as an Assistant CAD designer.
    When I graduated from my university with a Bachelor's Degree of Computer Software in 2008, I thought that I had a  passion for working in the computer field, until I realized that this didn't make me happy. So, I got a job as an international sales man. I had really enjoyed meeting a lot of customers and traveled all around world. but I realize it didn't make me happy. When we moved back to Canada, my parents in law asked me what made me happy and what I wanted to do for life if I didn't have to think of money... Sadly, I couldn't answer that question right away. I haven't been raised to do something that made me happy as my job. I have been told and I have saw the society in Korea, that I should study hard to graduate from a good university to get a good job that pays me a high salary. That was the happiness that I chased.
    It took four years to find what I wanted to do for my career that could make me happy, since I moved in Canada. It was a very fortunate moment. When Korean Hand Acupuncture (well known for 'Korea Sujichim') was a trend in Korea, I ordered some books and kits to study myself and I was so amazed at how well it work. A few months later, my wife told me seriously that whenever I did this hand acupuncture, I looked so happy and my eyes shone bright with life.
    It wasn't an easy decision to make to go back to the school at the age of 32, especially, when I have a daughter to support and I have to be away from my family most of the time. I kept refusing my wife's suggestions. It looked impossible and not realistic.
    There's a saying ,'If there is a will, there is a way". Yes, what happened seemed like a miracle. When my wife was searching the information of acupuncture college to send me, she found out there was Training and Skills Development funding is available for me that I could apply for, and possible receive some funding to go to school. One worry was down. If I got some funding from the TSD program with EI benefits and some student loans, it wasn't an impossible journey as I thought. Yes, we had to downsize a lot of things and we are still trying to save a lot of money but an impossible journey started to become a possible dream world.
    After a long discussion with our family about the possibility of going back to school, I finally decided to start my course. Once I made a decision, everything went so smoothly it seemed as if somebody had made a plan for me. I and my wife researched all of the acupuncture colleges in Canada. I chose Canadian College of Acupuncture finally, not only because it is the closest college to home but also it looked great. I have asked my friends who live in Halifax how famous the school was and I have received a lot of positive answers. One of the thing that I liked most, and why I chose this school was that there are a lot of customers who come to the student clinic so that students actually are able to practice what they have learned with their customers.
    Six months have passed since I started my course and it has been pretty good. Don't get me wrong. It wasn't easy and it's getting harder and more in-depth, however, I am really enjoying my studies and I have to admit that this is the happiest education of my life. I love this journey and I can't wait to graduate my school and become an great acupuncturist!
    If you have any questions about my life, or our school, I would love you to leave a comment for me!